Georgian Bay Birch Pepper Mill

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19Oc21GeorgianBayBirchProduct Number: 19Oc21

Material: Reclaimed Georgian Bay Birch

Georgian Bay Reclaimed Old Growth Yellow

We are using this rare and unique old-growth timber in some of our products. This wood was cut from virgin Georgian Bay forests in the 1800’s. It was recovered in the early 2000’s from the cold, clean, oxygen free waters of Georgian Bay where it had rested for as much as 160 years.

Yellow birch is a slow growing tree with an average lifespan of approximately 150 years but has been shown that it can live for over 300 years. Some of the recovered logs date back as far as the 1300’s. This means that the wood we are using is somewhere between 250 and 450 years old.

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Height: 25.3 cm approx.

Finish: Environmentally Friendly Oil Finish

Our mills feature the original CrushGrind® ceramic mechanism with a 25 year limited warranty and can be used for peppercorns, coarse salt or any hard spice.

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