Earring Stands


These earring stands, made from a variety of exotic and domestic woods, are a great addition to the dresser for organizing and keeping your earrings easily accessible. Use the Contact Us page if you would like to custom order a stand and specify the combination of woods used.

Earrings shown in photos are not included.

Click on the earring stand number for more information and to order. By clicking on a thumbnail you will only see a larger image of the stand.

The stands shown below represent our current inventory of stands that are ready to ship. If you are in the Owen Sound area some of these are on display at the Owen Sound Artists’ Co-op.

Single Tier Earring Stands – Hold 12 Pairs of Earrings



Single Tier Synergy Series Earring Stands – Hold 12 Pairs of Earrings

Synergy is the creation of a whole that is greater than the simple sum of its parts. We believe that the unique combinations of wood and resin in these stands surpass the appeal of each on its own.

There are no Synergy Series earring stands available at this time.

Double Tier Earring Stands – Hold 24 Pairs of Earrings